Mandisa Booi


Chief Executive Officer

Mandisa is a strategic leader with a demonstrated record of exceeding performance outputs, turning around businesses and streamlining business processes for optimum performance.

Her career span exposed her to a wide variety of challenging and interesting roles involving regional integration initiatives and infrastructure development.

Her experience in Africa’s economic regions acquired through her work with African Union organs (NEPAD and APRM); DFID and DBSA has in sighted her passion for economic development in Africa.

In each of her past endeavours, she always worked with the passion that propelled her to seek positive change to bend the reality of economic sectors that she participated in within Africa. Now entering the aviation sector, she’s interlinking her vast experience in both the business and social spheres she has been in, to bring real value to the air cargo industry in Africa and abroad.


Bongi Mpungose


Chief Operating Officer

Bongi possesses a wealth of vital knowledge and experience in the aviation sector. Having been in the industry for a tenure spanning 21 years, she has a proven track record of excelling in a variety of roles pertaining to aviation.

Due to her period of managing at an executive level, she is also well versed with understanding complexities in the aviation space, evident in her being the International Aviation Security Auditor for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the National AVSEC and Compliance Manager for Aviation Coordination Services (ACS).

Her responsibilities included ensuring compliance with national and international aviation security legislation, standards and practices for all ACS operations.

Bongi’s diverse background and passion for business greatly equip her to spearhead our aviation operations.


Mammeli Manissa


Director: Marketing and Communications

Mammeli possesses over ten years of experience in marketing and communications. Her creative thinking and her out-of-the-box approach has landed her strategic positions in the marketing industry in South Africa and Africa. Her passion to re-brand Africa has seen her work closely with the former president of Zambia, Dr Kenneth Kaunda, on his projects Key to Africa Aviation Conference, where she held the role of Marketing Director and also worked for Proudly South African.

She founded Peloa Graphics, which handled key accounts in the advertising industry; branding and multimedia these include Sun International

She has a wealth of experience in television, radio broadcasting and publishing.


Belinda Moleko


Commercial Director

Belinda is a seasoned business woman with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the construction industry that spans over 20 years. Her drive for economic development has compelled her to participate in projects that are addressing economic challenges faced in South Africa and Africa at large.

Through her past endeavours and roles, Belinda has always worked with zeal to further advance socioeconomic development in Africa.

Expanding into the aviation sector, Belinda forms part of Noy Air Cargo’s vision to change the narrative pertaining to air transportation in Africa.




Managing Director – DRC

Stemming from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Adam’s in-depth knowledge of the Congolese marketplace, makes him the perfect partner to form part of the management team in Noy Air Cargo, DRC. His robust experience in cargo logistics, as well as having been the Country Director for BES Africa Congo, only enhanced his ability to administer the processes integral to an entirely efficient and structured operation. This enables him to be placed in a strategic position for Noy Air Cargo operations in the DRC.